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John Haber
in New York City

The latest, from around New York—and beyond—with full-length reviews of more than 1600 artists. It may add up to art's first hyperbook as guide, text, and reference ever. And check this site's home page blog, now with extended news and views updated from day to day (most often, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Recent entries include the latest on Thomas Lendvai and folk art and death.

NEW Full-Length Reviews

Other recent full-length reviews look at highlights of 2016, ICP on the Bowery, Garret Kane and Cosima von Bonin, Jean Dubuffet, Modernism after Postmodernism, Saint Jerome in Princeton, Cecily Brown and Bill Henson, "brick and mortar" galleries, abstraction and excess, Diane Arbus in New York, Roberto Burle Marx, Walter Darby Bannard, Dennis Oppenheim, Rodney McMillian and Larry Walker, Alma Thomas and and Rosemarie Castoro, Sally Mann, and women in video art.

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