In the Light of Minimalism

John Haber
in New York City

Dia:Beacon: A Visual Tour

Let me share with you selected additional images from Dia:Beacon. Enjoy!

Getting and Being There

The former Nabisco box printing factory opened to the public in May 2003 as the Reggio Galleries of Dia:Beacon, following Robert Irwin's plans for the conversion and landscaping. If you visit another time, you will see only some of the same art, from a remarkable collection of late Modernism.

Metro North's Harlem-Hudson Line (photo by John Haber)
The Tracks

Metro North's Harlem-Hudson Line (photo by John Haber)
The River

redesign by Robert Irwin: Dia:Beacon's Riggio Galleries (photo by Michael Govan, 2003)
The View by Air

redesign by Robert Irwin: Dia:Beacon's West Garden (photo by National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2003)
The West Garden

A Maze of Light

Here Robert Irwin reconceives an April 1998 installation at the late and dearly lamented Dia:Chelsea.

Robert Irwin's Excursus: Homage to the Square3 (Dia:Beacon, 1998/2015)
Excursus:Homage to the Square3

Robert Irwin's Excursus: Homage to the Square3 (Dia:Beacon, 1998/2015)

Robert Irwin's Excursus: Homage to the Square3 (Dia:Beacon, 1998/2015)

Grids Within Grids of Light

While forever linked to Minimalism or to landscape, Agnes Martin still thought of herself as an Abstract Expressionist. Could the likes of Dan Flavin and Sol LeWitt, too, be as hard to pin down?

Dan Flavin (Dia:Beacon)
Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin (Dia:Beacon)
Agnes Martin

Dan Flavin (Dia:Beacon)
Sol LeWitt

Creature Discomforts

John Chamberlain, Louise Bourgeois, and Robert Smithson all carry a threat, Smithson in shattered glass for an indoor earthwork, but only one of these is alive.

John Chamberlain (Dia:Beacon)
John Chamberlain

Louise Bourgeois (Dia:Beacon)
Louise Bourgeois

Robert Smithson (Dia:Beacon)
Robert Smithson

Tight and Mirrored Spaces

Just so you know, you are seeing just one of six mirror surfaces by Gerhard Richter, reflecting two others reflecting, in turn, the room. With Richard Serra, the collection includes freestanding work and tarred walls, large and small.

Richard Serra (Dia:Beacon)
Richard Serra

Gerhard Richter (Dia:Beacon)
Gerhard Richter

White and Everything Else

Both are early, with gesture and even text, but the collection has at least three more rooms of Robert Ryman, including seemingly polished surfaces and visible means of support.

Robert Ryman (Dia:Beacon)

Robert Ryman (Dia:Beacon)

Robert Ryman

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Unless otherwise stated the photos are mine. Full reviews will tell you all about Dia:Beacon, starting with my first visit the summer of Dia's opening, in 2003, and my return in 2014 for a retrospective of Carl Andre and in 2015 for "Excursus: Homage to the Square3," an installation by Robert Irwin.


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